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Nicole Troup is a professional portrait artist, specializing in oil portraits of adults, children and pets. A beautiful handcrafted portrait makes a wonderful gift for any occasion such as a birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, the arrival of a new baby, anniversaries, wedding, official and VIP portraits.
AllyClick to enlarge


Oil on Canvas

Dr. FarmerClick to enlarge

Dr. Farmer

Oil on Canvas

MiracleClick to enlarge


B&W Drawing

Gods GiftClick to enlarge

Gods Gift

Oil on Canvas

MaggieClick to enlarge


Oil on Canvas

Frances and OwenClick to enlarge

Frances and Owen

Oil on Canvas

South Sudan's First Children's International Art Exhibition

by the kids of The Childrens Village, Nimule - South Sudan


Artist Nicole Troup has collaborated with the Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childer's who's life story was turned into a Hollywood movie called "The Machine Gun Preacher." The story tells of Sam rescuing orphans in South Sudan and building an orphanage. She is orchestrating an art exhibit that will raise money for the orphans of South Sudan, providing food, clothing and schooling for them. Contact Nicole to help, donate or sponsor this project.

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